At a loss


At a loss


On his way out of the house

he looked around for his hat.

He then realised

that he did not possess a hat.

He wanted to cycle to the bookshop,

but it dawned on him that he didn’t have a bicycle.


So he got into his car

an drove to the bookshop.

He walked through the aisles

until he came to one

that was labeled “Lost Ideas”.

He looked at the titles

and one interested him particularly:

“Why should she love you?”


Is this a lost idea? he mumbled

and opened the book.

A photo of himself

stared at him from the first page.

He recognised himself

although the photo

was taken in three quarter profile,

an angle he rarely sees himself from.

I didn’t realise I was quite that handsome,

he thought, trying to suppress a smile.


He paged over

and saw a photo of his wife.

She was smiling and looked very attractive.


He paged over again and started reading.

It was all about his weaknesses and failures.

He began to sweat and his hands shook,

but he coulddn’t stop reading.


At last he got to a new chapter:

“Why I love him”.

It was written by his wife.

It was a very short chapter

and it ended:

Well, he isn’t perfect,

but I’m working on him.

Where’s the fun in having

a perfect image

when I can shape the clay

the way I like?