This blog offers poetry by De Waal Venter.

Hier verskyn ook van sy Afrikaanse poësie, asook vertalings uit Europese tale.

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3 Responses to About

  1. kruger01 says:

    I am happy to see this blog. we can not always go everywhere ourselves, so it’s lovely to see things this way!

  2. H Gibson says:

    I am so glad to have re-found DeWaal’s blogs! (They used to be on Word24 before the platform was scrapped.)

  3. Maria Roos says:

    Gesien u belangstelling in Spaanse digkuns, dog ek ek bring die volgende blog getiteld “Juan Luis Martínez and his double – The ethics of dissapearance or writing the other’s work” deur Carlos Soto-Roman onder u aandag, net in geval u dalk nie daarvan bewus is nie. Dit is ‘n fassinerende ‘verhaal’. Hier volg die inleiding:
    “There has been some relevant news about Juan Luis Martínez’s work circulating for a while. Scott Weintraub, an academic of the University of New Hampshire, has published in Santiago, Chile, and the US two important books of essays discussing a crucial discovery concerning Martínez’s posthumous publications. During his research, Weintraub found that the initial poems of “Poemas del Otro” had been written by another poet called Juan Luis Martinez, this one from Swiss-Catalan origin. “Poemas del Otro” was published in Chile in 2003, ten years after Martínez’s death. The lyric nature of the poems included in the edition surprised the general public, mostly because they bore no resemblance to the work displayed by Martínez in his seminal work “La Nueva Novela,” but the amazement was not enough to raise suspicions. Ten years later, in 2013, “El poeta anónimo” was published in Brazil. In the middle of the book is possible to find some specific clues that led Weintraub to realize that this apparent plagiarism was more a well-plotted and complicated literary game or hoax. Find a conversation with Scott Weintraub about his fascinating discovery below.”
    Skakel na die blog: https://jacket2.org/commentary/juan-luis-mart%C3%ADnez-and-his-double

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