Die berg hou sy asem in

Die berg hou sy asem in. Foto: DWV

Die berg hou sy asem in

daar was ‘n diep asemteug

en toe staan die berg daar

toe staan die berge daar

en so staan die berge daar

en buig neer

en neer

in hulleself

en hou hulle asem in

terwyl hemel en see

stoot en stu

hou die berg sy asem in

Uit Noorweegs vertaal deur De Waal Venter


Jon Fosse

anden vart trekt djupt
og så stod fjellet der
så stod fjella der
og slik står fjella der

og lutar seg nedover
og nedover
i seg sjølv
og held anden

medan himmel og hav
stryk og slår
held fjellet anden 


Jon Fosse

(Norway, 1959) 

“Flotsam and jetsam” is how the Norwegian author Jon Fosse labels his poetry – something that happens to float past in the course of the writing process. It’s an image that fits with Fosse; he grew up on the banks of the Hardangerfjord, a landscape full of undulating lines, water and wind, rocks and rain. This scenery is a recurring motif in his work.

Jon Fosse wrote as a child but debuted in 1983 with the novel Rødt, svart (Red, Black). He achieved international fame with his plays; less known abroad are his poetry, prose, children’s books and essays. Several of his plays have been performed in the Netherlands, and his novel Morgon og kveld (Morning and Evening) and the novella Andvake (A Night Vigil) have also appeared in translation here. Jon Fosse has amassed an impressive collection of international literary prizes for his work.

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