Lekgotla of the eminent greybeards


Greybeard. Photographic: DWV

Lekgotla of the eminent greybeards


Here we are

among a group of bearded men,


They are conversing in different types of language,

and nobody understands each other.


We wonder how bearded

we ourselves are,

but there are no mirrors around

to clarify the matter.


You cut into the conversation:

Wisdom does not come automatically with age.


One with an almost completely white beard



It is written that outside feels residue.


I feel compelled to nod and respond:

Yes, wisdom grows from within

and the residue of it

can benefit other people.


Another man tugs thoughtfully

on his brownish beard,

shot through with grey, and says:

Expeditious expeditions into expedience

sounds good to me.


You wave a dismissive hand:

Only if you have a good whiskey at hand.


A man with a bristly white beard



It is singular how singularities

are often never discussed in single’s bars.


I nod, just to keep the conversation going:

Yes, humanity has only one goal.


A man with a trimmed salt-and-pepper beard

gets up and says:


One goal is enough to win.

He walks away.


You muse: You can’t walk away from life.

I respond: Yes, let’s sit it out.


I take a sip from my half-empty glass…

no, it is half-full.

About kruger01

Poet, author, translator Grandfather of five. Bonsai grower.
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