My opinions

DWV 1942

De Waal Venter 1942

My opinions


My opinions

dangle from the neck

of a ravishing woman.

In that environment

they are, of course, beautiful.

They are solid, yet flicker

with the liquid light

of unknown meaning.


In another environment

my opinions are fish,

still wriggling in the net.

They are out of their element,

but when they have died,

will be delicious to devour.


At night my opinions

are very quiet,

They have enjoyed several dreams

of whiskey,

and they hoard the wisdom

they have discovered in themselves

in order not to intoxicate

innocent bystanders.


My opinions are bananas,

usually quite unripe,

but if neglected and virtually forgotten,

can ripen beautifully

and reward a breakfaster

with unexpected flavour.


My opinions are deemed worthless

in grownup conversations

where they are patted on the head

and silenced by strong denouncements

of the mores and manners

of well-known personages.


It is a long time since

I have closely examined

my opinions.

I’m sure they have changed a bit

since I was six months old,

but not much.

About kruger01

Poet, author, translator Grandfather of five. Bonsai grower.
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