Fractal poetry


Fractal poetry




almost no sounds

small vibrations in the air

mostly oxygen but also carbon dioxide and nitrogen

not to mention the pollutants regurgitated by industrial processes




two gases combined

the valences of the two created a bond

families are held together by emotional and psychological forces

gravitational forces hold earth and moon together but slowly the moon is drifting away




cutting is penetrating

metal is removed to sharpen the edge

an absolute border between light and shadow does not exist

light can be explained by seeing it as a wave as well as consisting of particles

how do you see yourself?

The poeson

A poeson is one of the elements of a poem which makes the poem coherent. It is, very simply put, a series of related concepts that run through the poem and interlink with other poesons in the poem. In this sense it is akin to the fractal which repeats a pattern, but in an ever changing series.



Fractal poetry

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Poet, author, translator Grandfather of five. Bonsai grower.
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