Avocation of love


Poetrypoiesis machine. Photographic: DWV

Avocation of love


I have a friend

who is an avocado.


That was the first sentence

that came from the poempoiesis machine

when the poet turned the handle.

(It was an old-fashioned machine,



The poet looked at the sentence

lying in the sun on his desk,

drying fast.

He decided that he could not

develop it into a poem

and turned the handle again.

Another sentence came out.


There is a strange relationship

between bananas and avocados.


The poet found this inconclusive

and he turned the handle again.

Another sentence curled out.


Individuation is often achieved

when two individuals interact for some time.


The poet pondered this for a while,

but eventually shook his head,

and put the sentence with the others.

He turned the handle again.


An avocado’s exquisite aroma

at the peak of its ripeness

is rivalled only

by the dreamlike smoothness

of its green-tinted yellow flesh.


The poet thought for a moment

and then added:

I glide my finger

down the subtle curve

of her back.

This tender touch

has a passionate life

in my being,

at the same time

it shimmers with delight

as it rushes

through her blood.

About kruger01

Poet, author, translator Grandfather of five. Bonsai grower.
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