Hard facts

The Fact Seeker

The fact seeker: Graphic: DWV

Hard facts


I want facts.

One cannot face reality

if you don’t have the facts.


Fine, we know that gnats

don’t gnaw their way out of their prison cells,

as a matter of fact,

they don’t even gnash their teeth,

and cats don’t often drink themselves

into catatonic states,

devilled kidneys

certainly aren’t evil,

if you can find a lapadaisical Lap

you will have to explain

what the chap does, or doesn’t do,

doves and hawks soar and fly freely,

but in the White House

they fly by the seat of their pants,

the French, I understand, discard their armour

when their thoughts turn to amour.

Yes, facts are what I need,

like explanations of what are watts,

and why pusillanimous

is not an obscene word,

we know that water is soft,

except when you fall into it

from a great height,

flightless birds isn’t a contradictio in terminis,

it only sounds like it.

These are all sound facts,

although some may seem strange.

It is bitter that sweets

can be bad for your health,

and I congratulate you

that you have kept on reading

up to this point.

The fact of the matter is

that reality is highly irregular,

and we must tighten the rules

until we are all on the same page..


Are you still there?

About kruger01

Poet, author, translator Grandfather of five. Bonsai grower.
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