Do thoughts have a destination?

Male thought. Photographic: DWV

Do thoughts have a destination?


It is a double decker bus,

painted emerald green.

It rumbles over the uneven landscape

of reality being created

as fast as the bus moves,

swelling, swirling, expanding and flattening



Inside the bus,

dressed in various ways,

sit the passengers –

thoughts that have become

almost permanent

by having been called into existence

many times.


Take the one, a little incongruously dressed

in a T-shirt

and a formal tie, maroon

with a discreet orange pattern woven into it.

One could take him as a male,

judging by the squarish chin

and very faint skull ridges over the eyes.


He – let’s call him he –

is looking through the window,

idly opening and closing

his Jospeh Rodgers pocket knife.

Yes, it is definitely a male thought.


What is he about?

He looks up at us.

One could say that he looks vulnerable, but then

he tightens his mouth and narrows his eyes slightly.


Why did they start making clay pots,

those women? he asks.

He looks to the side, then back.

Utensils, weapons, machines, computers,

things that can think.


I’m beginning to wonder, he adds softly,

whether there will still be room for me


About kruger01

Poet, author, translator Grandfather of five. Bonsai grower.
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