River on a journey

A river flows yellow. Graphic: DWV

River on a journey


Everything flows –

a river on a journey

to the ocean that receives all things,

including the unwanted.


The irreligious skepticism of Frederick II,

his determined efforts

to maintain his medieval empire.

The slowly waving tentacles

of a hydra

seen through my 300 times microscope.


As we travel

the plastic landscape changes

with blinding speed next to the road.

Farther out the change is slower;

the Karoo hills alter their shape

with the speed of an elephant’s breathing.


My grapefruit’s flesh

is red like a freshly skinned impala.


Weaver birds pick morsels

off the chicken carcass

set out for them.

They don’t think about

their proud dinosaur heritage.


Whisky smokes in my glass;

it is a quantum physics fluid

that peels the skin off reality,

leaving the naked white nourishment

of its banana nature.


A river filled with a lifetime,

fed by other lives,

flows to the ocean

that contains everything.

I am not there yet.

Listen to the subsonic hum

of flowing time

that flickers incessantly

on my retinas.

About kruger01

Poet, author, translator Grandfather of five. Bonsai grower.
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