Just in time

Racing minutes. Photo: DWV

Just in time.


Two chronologists

decided to race two minutes

against each other.


One minute contained

possibly the most significant

episode in one chronologist’s life:

that is when she first saw the face

of the man

that she would train

to be her supportive alter ego.


The second minute

contained a radically compressed pandect

of the other chronologist’s pleasurable experiences

in life. Some of them were redacted.


They started the two minutes off

on a long stretch of featureless,

almost colourless hour, with the whimsical words:

Gentlemen, start your seconds!


To pass the time

(We tried to avoid this pun,

but due to untimely and unforeseen circumstances,

it was impossible.

We apologise.)

the two chronologists

sat down in comfortable garden chairs

and sipped on glasses of cool, fresh blanc de noir.


In the process, they discovered

a previously hidden

affinity for each other,

and they decided to hold hands

while they waited

for the race to conclude.


They are still waiting,

(in pleasant anticipation)

as the race has not finished yet.

An hour can be a very long time.

About kruger01

Poet, author, translator Grandfather of five. Bonsai grower.
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