I am aware of it

IMG_1257 (1)

Photographic: DWV

I am aware of it


Spreading my awareness

over the floor

away from where I sit,

I come across a fig,

a city of flowers,

each a fountain of nectar.

A speckled pigeon asserts its certainty

hoarsely that it is certainly there.

I observe a 1.5 V battery

with a large potential

to give life to a clock, a doorbell,

a torch, a squeaking toy, or anything else

that yearns to come to life.


My awareness spreads like a surging ocean tide

over the tangle of roads

around the city,

over the veld

towards the mountains.


It meets a young boy

herding cattle

on the grassland.

He has made a whistle

from a grass stem and blade.


He blows into the watery sky,

densely populated with invisible insects.

The notes dissipate into silence.


They have made small green marks

on my awareness

that will remain

for as long as there is.


Photographic: DWV

About kruger01

Poet, author, translator Grandfather of five. Bonsai grower.
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