In and out

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Photographic: DWV

In and out


Breathing is not something

you are normally aware of.

You draw in the mixture

of Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide, Hydrogen and Oxygen,

plus all those traces of other gases;

noxious some, others harmless,

and you use only the Oxygen.


The Oxygen is brand new,

It may have been intimately connected

with other elements

in all kinds of organic molecules,

released and recombined, many many times,

but it is always brand new Oxygen,

nothing more, nothing less.


It also serves quite well

mixed with mostly Carbon dioxide

squeezed through my vocal cords

and patted into shape

by teeth and tongue

to become the carrier

of meaning to your ears

and understanding.


Are we enemies?

Will you give me room

to move my arms,

to grow some food

in my garden,

to sing the songs

and paint the pictures

that give me pleasure?


You are wise to allow my breathing,

remember, it goes both ways.


About kruger01

Poet, author, translator Grandfather of five. Bonsai grower.
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