Linear thinking


Linear thinking. Artwork: DWV

Linear thinking


A line is where

two sides meet.

A road remembers

the two cities

it connects.

The line between two lips

may curl upwards

into a smile.

You combine short lines

into figures

when you write down

your age.

A graph tells

the swoops and falls

and swells

of your health.

A line can be imagined

from the soles of your feet

to the centre of the planet,

the force that gently holds you

on the earth.

Some profess a line

from their hearts

to a heaven

described in a holy book.


Is there a line

between life and death

where the two sides meet?


We have never stopped trying,

we have never succeeded

in drawing that line.

About kruger01

Poet, author, translator Grandfather of five. Bonsai grower.
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