Purposeful bathing


Charlotte Corday, painted by Baudry 1860

Purposeful bathing


As the earth turns

I go along with it

in my bathtub.


It goes very smoothly,

the water doesn’t slosh in the least,

unless I move my legs.


Sloshing water

sounds a bit

like a foreign poet

reciting a line from one of his poems

while drinking coffee.


Marat enjoyed his hot baths

until Charlotte Corday put an end to it

with a dagger.


Cleopatra thought bathing

in mare’s milk

would make her more desirable.

I wonder whether Antony

wasn’t more enamoured

of her power and possessions,

than with her?

Maybe all of that.


I wouldn’t like to jump

precipitously out of my tub

like Archimedes,

even if I had an important insight

like him;

when I get one,

I stay where I am

and write it down.


Achilles had a rough

bath from his mum,

it almost drowned him.

Pity she didn’t change her grip.


The guys in the ISS

can’t take a bath for months,

they have to keep themselves fresh

like birds on the rim of a bird bath.


The earth is turning.


My tub and I are now

far from where we were before.

I don’t think I can call it progress,

because soon we will arrive

at where we started.

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Poet, author, translator Grandfather of five. Bonsai grower.
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